Turbo engine with the German 2.0T and 2.0T

Author:Sunrise Turboch    PubTime:2015-12-5

From 1905, the Swiss people declare the turbocharger patent, so far this technology has experienced 110 years. Now, a large number of commercial vehicles, the use of this technology. In China, due to the implementation of the laws and regulations of vehicle emissions tax, European manufacturers to launch a large number of the use of Turbo technology car models, and now, the Japanese car manufacturers have introduced a large number of vehicles equipped with the technology.

From the actual performance, the European manufacturers and Japanese manufacturers have a lot of ideas on the differences, to make clear the difference between them, first of all to find out why use such a booster engine, which in the end what advantages and disadvantages? This will have more inspiration for the design of the two.

This problem is actually a big problem, the difference is still a lot of detail, we have to pick up some key points

The advantages of a turbocharged gasoline engine:

1, gasoline engine miniaturization. Displacement variable, engine volume smaller, can effectively reduce weight of the engine, and reduce the vehicle weight to improve fuel efficiency. This year, although the oil price is relatively cheap, but a Middle East War, you can bring the oil price to a climax, after all, the fossil fuel is limited resources.

2, a substantial increase in engine power and torque. With the displacement (volume) of the cylinder, can be pressed into the higher density of air and atomization fuel, to release a greater burst of energy, so the turbo can greatly improve the output power and increase the torque, improve the vehicle's acceleration performance.

3, reduce engine fuel consumption. Displacement of smaller, lower fuel consumption, but in fact, turbocharged engine in the frequent intermittent acceleration driving, fuel consumption does not reduce, just in high-speed continued driving can play the fuel saving features.

4, improve the control of the former car. Due to reduce the weight of the engine, for precursor models on the front of the quality of relatively concentrated (front part focused on the engine, transmission, differential, drive shaft) is concerned, before and after the distribution of the quality of the entire vehicle is not serious, you can effectively improve before and after mass ratio, reduce steering insufficiency (commonly known as "bend pusher") before the drive in handling the inherent disadvantages.